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The high level of expertise within our team enables you to get certified and enter this new up and coming industry. We provide specialised CASA training and licenses, drone hardware as well as job opportunities.

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Average Annual Salaries

The future is aviation space. The Drone industry is growing faster than ever and Drone Time is here to help you bloom in this field. Drone licenses are becoming scarce and lucrative by the minute. The Table above shows the different industries a drone license is required as well as the various uses of the courses which can help you find a job in any line of work. Upon completion of the courses Drone Time will issue an internationally recognised certificate which qualifies you to fly drones and apply for jobs (Depends on your issued license). 

IndustriesCoursesAvg annual Salaries 
Photography Film & TVRePL <7kg + RPAS short course$30 000
Roof and Solar inspectionRePL <7kg + RPAS short course$40 000 
Real EstateRePL <7kg + RPAS short course$35 000
Drones for MappingRePL <7kg + RPAS short course$55 000
Drones for SurveyingRePL <7kg + RPAS short course$60 000
Bridge and Building inspectionRePL <7kg + RPAS short course$70 000
Power Line inspectionRePL <7kg + RPAS short course$35 000
Drones in MiningRePL <7kg + RPAS short course$85 000
Stockpile assessmentRePL <7kg + RPAS short course$60 000
Vegetation crop mappingRePL <7kg + RPAS short course$70 000
Wildlife tracking and stock inspectionRePL <7kg + RPAS short course$60 000
Aerial weed sprayingRePL <7kg + RPAS short course$65 000
Search and rescueRePL <7kg + RPAS short course$60 000
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